Capital Area Corvette Club! ?

Don Gaboury

Contributing Member
Having been a owner of a few Corvettes I like the new look. I even like the stock ones, I know 490 hp will get you a good ticket if you plan to drive it at speeds above the limits. So the Z06 will have maybe 800 HP and the ZR1 about 1,000 HP that will get you big fines if not jail time.. I don't know if you will be able to get a 2020 model because of all the interest in them. I don't think all dealers will be getting any, sounds like only the top Corvette sellers for now. I might be wrong but place your order and see what happens.


It really is astonishing what they've brought to market. A lot of bang for the buck, with room for 2 golf bags and an overnite. First time I've ever considered any kind of GM.