Hats in the CACC store!


Scott Brooke
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And the hats are back! I ran a test through a different provider that's a little more expensive and I'm pretty happy with the results. See for yourself:


I've set up the store and you can find it at https://cacc.qbstores.com

The hat on the left is the stone color Port Authority Dry Zone. The one on the right is the Queensboro Unstructured. They're both pretty floppy and low profile, just like Elder likes them. If anyone wants to see them on top of my noggin, I can oblige, although I'm sure there will be grumbling about seeing my mug.


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Hats and jackets look pretty good. I'm thinking of getting a jacket (the Port Auth Fleec Lined) and one or maybe two hats (Port Auth Dry Zone). If we get two others with the same order we'll save 33%. Sale ends Sunday. Let me know.