London Cobra Show Report

Gary Luisi

Contributing Member
Thursday it started off with the last 4 hours of the drive in a down pour. The only damage was a soaked flasher that was easily resolved.

Friday I planned to attend the Wade Chamberlin Memorial autocross. The forecast was the same as Thursday and I thought for sure it would be canceled. After the first couple laps the sun actually came out. Before we started we gathered for a group shot.

Wade Chamberlin Memorial autocross.jpg
The course was a large go-cart course and worked out great for autocross. I was able to do WOT, Hard Braking and even some spin-out onto the grass.

Saturday their was 104 cobras in the parade, I had a Cystic Fibrosis Fighter in the passenger seat for the parade. The sun came out for most or the day. I was able to talk with Dave Smith and present him with the picture of Wade and Him for 1999. Dave was moved by the picture and was very appreciative of the Capital Area Cobra Club. Dave also did a write up on the Factory Five web page. Thank you Scott for suggesting the picture for Dave.
Dave Smith 3.jpg

When I volunteered to give rides at the show I didn't realize that the police turned the main street into a drag strip, soo cool.
Overall it was a fun time, a lot of parties and met cobra owner that I have been corresponding with over the internet.