MCA Show in Fredericksburg


Ken Caniglia AKA Superfly
Contributing Member
I don't think Rex or Val are involved with MCA any more. Anyonr else going????


Wanted - Dead or Alive
I will check it out Saturday or Sunday. I HATE 95. I'll take the daily driver (not showing) and look around for an hour. After 30 years of spending all day (or all weekend in this case) at a car show I'm done with most shows except Rockville and Carlisle and maybe Hershey. It's also the same weekend as the Boss Nationals near Pittsburgh so who knows which direction I may head (northwest or south). The MCA show is through Sunday so if you want your trophy you have to stay until then. Then on Labor it's the Fairfax show with the same cars every year and the same winners. I'll walk through for a half hour and that will be enough. It's time to get the banana boat back on the track like old times and have some fun.