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Caddy Dad

Frank Smith
I'm new to the club and will be receiving my FFR Mk IV kit soon. I'll be looking forward to meeting other members at local events and picking the brain of other FFR owners. Any insight on local body shops ( and alignment, tire mounting, powder coaters, etc ) with experience working on Mk IVs would be appreciated.

Frank Smith

Don Gaboury

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You will be able to get lots of help here, sometimes too much.. Our next event is New Years Day, you will get to see a few FFR and other makes as well. Now a days there are lots of items you can get for your car.. back in the early days we had very few items to choice from..


FFR6198 Dan Deitz
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Frank check out our local resources section for help from mechanics, bodywork and paint, accessories, shops, and specialties.
And to add to Doc’s post, “Just ask!” Someone will reply.