Rehoboth Run Run 2019 Itinerary

Rob Burton

Contributing Member
Here is the list of events for the weekend......

Anyone arriving Thursday night, Jenny and I will have dinner at our house. Just bring your beverages

Leave Hotel at 9am to go to Rommel Harley Davidson in Smyrna, DE for a casual, fun autocross. No helmets required.

At anytime after 5:30pm, we will be at Obie's By The Sea restaurant and bar, 1 Olive Avenue, Rehoboth, DE for drinks and ordering off the menu


Line up for the cruise by 9:00 am at the hotel. We will be stopping at The Salted Vines Vineyard, Then on to Hammerheads for lunch.

6:00 pm... Meet at Rob and Jenny's house (133 Kings Creek Circle, Rehoboth, DE) for a BBQ. ***BRING YOUR OWN BEVERAGES***


8:30am Sendoff breakfast at The Starboard Restaurant, 2009 Coastal Highway, Dewey Beach, DE
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