Titling a FF Cobra in VA with out of state registration

Tony Z

I need to title/register a Cobra in VA that is currently registered in another state. The state where it is currently registered does NOT require a title for kit cars, so it does not yet have a title. Is it cleaner to get it titled in its current state before even attempting to title in VA? Also, as a 1965 replica what sort of safety inspection is required, if any (does it need wipers, back up lights, etc?)? Can it be titled as antique and avoid all of that? Is there a difference in taxes for antique registration?

Jim Harding

Contributing Member
I've not heard of any state that does not require a title for ANY type of vehicle. The title basically identifies the vehicle PRIOR to issuing registration documents (license plates) and proof of ownership that the person selling the vehicle has the right to do so.
I would not consider purchasing any vehicle that does not have a CLEAR and LEGAL title that proves the vehicle is not subject to any liens.
Be very careful with this purchase.